North American Drug Lord Jeb Bush Paid Canadian PM Stephen Harper To Ignore Cocaine Smugglers


Although many people have linked Jeb Bush to a dozen different crimes and criminals over the years, (Miguel Recarey, Robert Vesco, Raul Salinas, George Morales, and the murder of Barry Seal), his links to money laundering were well hidden until they were exposed in a book written by a former U.S. Treasury agent  The book manuscripts of this book were seized by FBI agents from a small family Ohio home of the agent in front of many witnesses.

The same book exposed a Canadian drug smuggling operation headed by Bush with front men Terry Nelson (retired FBI agent & Atty. Stephen J. Finta) which brought in more than $1 Billion (wholesale value) of cocaine into Canada from Colombia.  Former and current honest DEA agents have confirmed in 2010 that PM Stephen Harper was paid at least $3 million to keep some court files sealed that exposed both Nelson, Finta, and a two Canadians named Mike Huxtable and a former RCMP Colonel in Montreal named Pierre Jeanette.

A Miami company known as American Financial Group (Aventura, Florida) was caught up in an SEC $87 million fraud complaint but the SEC found out too late that AFG was a front company for the Bush/Nelson/Noriega gang and laundering drug money on Wall Street, that was then liquidated through Levesque and Nesbitt Burns in Montreal. The President of AFG was a 20 year veteran executive of the U.S. Justice Department (Edward Myles Chism) and his wife was none other than Teresita Tapia, the former personal secretary, banker, and translator of General Manuel Noriega of Panama who attended two meetings with George H. Bush and Noriega when Noriega was a CIA asset – before the falling out over the Torrios-Carter Panama Canal Treaty and the U.S. troops Noriega wanted out of Panama. Here’s the sanitized version of how AFG was allowed to swindle Canadian investors… for the U.S. Justice Department’s convenience: There is also a Saudi connection which is not yet clear, although it is supposedly explained in the stolen book manuscripts. (Will they start burning down our libraries next?)

The author of the book (Bruce Gorcyca) spent over 15 years investigating all the corruption connected to Nelson, Bush, and their colleagues including Colombian Alberto Duque whose City National Bank played a key role and was also home to AFG.  After Gorcyca and a colleague named Al Chalem began receiving death threats in 1999 and were told they “must leave the country” if they wished to remain alive, Gorcyca sought asylum in Canada with his Canadian wife, while Chalem (an FBI informant who was wired daily) felt he had the best protection in the world remained in New York, was found murdered in his New Jersey home.

photog locked

While in Canada, author Gorcyca was visited by no less than six federal agents bearing “proposals” that would guarantee his silence.  When Gorcyca refused to cooperate without a written agreement, he was sought for a phony extradition less than a month after he filed a refugee claim in Canada. Harper’s Ottawa team made sure that refugee claim would never be heard and authorized the fake extradition. That fake extradition would back-fire however and for the last 7 years Gorcyca has been exiled in China – separated from his young wife and children – all Canadian citizens. The whole story is explained here;  If this story seems disjointed to you, I apologize. I am not an experienced reporter.  Please read the links and maybe you will see all that I am saying is true.  If I say how I know all this, I too will become a target as my ID will be known. I knew Gorcyca when he worked 2 years at American Financial Group and was with him less than an hour before he met with an FBI agent who promised to arrest the principals of AFG, before he realized the depth of Bush family involvement and that his colleague FBI SA Terry Nelson was personal friends of George H. Bush and his son Jeb.  Ooops I almost forgot, the CFO of AFG (David Siegel) was a former China Economics Anaylst for the CIA.


Although both men were at first accused of stealing $87 million, the SEC ended up covering up the true fraud and Chism went to a luxury prison resort at Eglin Air Force Base for only 8 months before agreeing to live abroad the rest of his life (so he could not be named as a witness in any U.S. law suit or criminal prosecution) and Siegel spent one whopping day in jail – just long enough to be booked and released on bail. All of the above and below people prove that the old proverb “Crime Doesn’t Pay” is a fallacy.


Criminal activity is not new to the Bush Family. The below photo is Jeb’s grandpa Prescott Bush who was charged with treason during World War II and managed to wiggle his way out of a long prison term.  The whole story can be found in the book written by U.S. Army General Russ Bowen “IMMACULATE DECEPTION – INSIDE THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY”



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